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Career development and development plan


Part II. Professional and academic achievements. Evolution and career development plans

6.2 Career development and development plan

During my career development, I considered that the three main components, professional, didactic and scientific components, each with its specific characteristics, are interdependent and mutually supportive. I have always tried to integrate the evolution of the three personal components into the evolution of the collective, the institution and the system they are part of, with common benefits for all parties involved.

That is why I have been actively involved in the life of the academic community where I am a member of (my achievements being a proof).

I intend that after obtaining the right to conduct doctoral studies I will remain active in academic life and move on to another level of sharing knowledge at doctoral level and training of independent researchers capable of carrying out a scientific activity - Individually, and integrated into collectives at local, national or international level.

During my professional career, I had models from which to learn; a special mention for Professor Mircea Vlăduţiu, from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, as well as the whole team of teachers from the "School of Computers " from Timisoara.

At this moment, I consider that my experience and the modern means of learning and transmitting information will help to train my future PhD students in their completion in the academic and research fields. This will be accompanied by continuous personal training and openness to new themes and research tools that will surely appear in the coming years.

I have identified the following objectives, for which I will describe ways to put them into practice:

• In the didactic field:

o proposing a master university education program: Information Security Management

o developing and updating the disciplines I am or will be holder of;

o the internationalization of didactic activity;

o diversification of didactic activity;

• In the scientific field:

o increasing the visibility of research activity;

o diversification of research topics and extension of interdisciplinary applications in other fields;

o diversification of current collaborations and initiation of collaboration with us and centers and institutions research in the country and abroad;

• traversal objectives:

o inclusion of research results in didactic activity;

o active involvement of students in research activity

• In the academic / professional field:

o developing more concrete collaborations with companies in the field o developing more concrete collaborations with other higher education and

research institutions in the country and abroad;

o Continue to work in the advisory, decision-making and expertise structures, in which I am involved, and, if necessary, to take on new responsibilities.

Objectives for the Didactic field

In the didactic field, a main objective I propose is to initiate a Masters in Information Security Management. I intend to do this, because the Increasing growth of diffuse data and IT systems pose serious security challenges which can only be addressed by a holistic approach to security management protocols. Also, applications in the area of social networks or cloud computing and new technologies need to be increasingly taken into account when planning and implementing information and communications systems. In this sense, I should develop and update the disciplines I am or will be the holder of.

I should also introduce my teaching activity in an advanced degree program, specific to doctoral studies; this program will be one in the field of Information Security Management field.

In this sense, I intend to identify the practical needs and applications demanded by companies and institutions in our region in their day-to-day work and to design the program such that it will allow the training of specialists / researchers who can not only respond to and solve their needs and applications, but also come up with innovative solutions to put them into practice and thus to contribute to the advancement of the society in which they will operate.

The internationalizing of teaching activities by diversifying international mobility will be another important objective I for me. For this purpose, I intend to use the existing collaborations, and to develop future collaborations with laboratories in which I have been, or with whom my colleagues, from my department work, and even to try to identify the possibilities for the realization of some PhD theses in collaboration (“cotutela”).

Such collaborations lead also to bilateral motilities for teachers. By including colleges from foreign universities in our local doctoral or master programs will bring added value and diversification, that are beneficial to students. For the PhD students, I will also consider the diversification of my teaching activity by organizing workshops and summer schools.

Objectives for the scientific field

In the scientific field, one of my main objectives will be to increase the visibility of research activity.

This is necessary because the classification of the research fields depends on the activity of the researchers in each field, and the visibility of the research has an increasing share.

In this context, I will consider the capitalization and dissemination of research results in a larger proportion, in journals from the main stream of publications (in the yellow area and the red area in the field) and in interdisciplinary journals, which are accessed by researchers from several research fields.

Also, in my doctoral work, I will initiate and encourage them to publish in this manner:

after two papers at the conferences, they will make a synthesis to subscribe to a journal in the research field.

The publication of research results in interdisciplinary journals is favored by the multitude of possible IT applications, and I will consider the diversification of research topics and the extension of interdisciplinary applications in other fields as well.

This diversification will be achieved both by exploiting the diversity in my experience gained over time, as well as by identifying new applications requiring efficient and secure information management, data and information security, respectively optimizations for various objectives in which I can carry out research activity together with the PhD students. In addition, I will consider also the initiation of new research areas, which I have not approached yet, or which I have approached very little to date.

Over the past 18 years, my research concerns have evolved and tracked the dynamics of the field.

In the first period, I was concerned about issues of reliability, testability, especially in the field of computer architectures, after which my concerns were focused on physical security. The latter were directly related to my company (ACTUAL SRL) focused on design, execution and consultancy in the field of physical security, which I was forced to lead in 2006-2010.

With the emergence of the cloud computing paradigm, my concerns have been addressed in this area. The globalization of IT infrastructures has raised a new issue, which has become of great importance: it is the issue of information security and, in particular, the confidentiality of data. There is also a European regulation that must be implemented in Romania by May 2018 (GDPR). In view of these issues, a great effort of current research in the field of computing engineering is being phased in this direction. The maturity of cloud computing is shaping up and, with the development of new IoT technologies, new ideas for new computing paradigms such as p2p cloud storage, etc. are starting to populate.

Some of the research domains that I have addressed in recent years, together with my research intentions for the future, are enumerated below:

• Interfacing of the UniWeb Information System with the Unique Matricol Register portal (research carried out with FDI financing 2016). Since the two informatics systems are based on different classification tables, it was necessary to create a mechanism that would allow the integration of the local data management system

for students enrolled at the University of Oradea - UniWeb, with the “Matricol Unic Register” system -RMU.

• Maintaining data security for the UNIWEB system and the data management in order to update the information on the “Matricol Unic Register” Portal (ongoing research with FDI funding 2016, project manager); We are in the stage of setting architectural solution

• Research on the high-speed interconnection of IT infrastructures of two university campuses (cross-border: University of Oradea with University of Debreten), carried out within a cross-border project in which I participated and the results materialized by implementating of the IT / voice IT infrastructure of our university

• Cloud computing research - carried out in collaboration with colleagues from my department and other departments and which have been materialized in published scientific papers, in course support (a book) and practical applications for students (on support media). Starting from this research we intend to advance a financing request for the development of a private cloud solution at the level of the regional development center that will allow the integration of the regional innovation clusters

• Smart Campus research - done in collaboration with colleagues from other faculties, and that have materialized in the establishment of development strategies, development projects at the university level and the publishing of scientific articles. In this field, future research is intended - I intend to address this field related with the new IoT technologies, which are in trend.

• researches in the field of optimizations based on the use of artificial intelligence techniques - realized within research projects within our geothermal research center, materialized by publishing of scientific articles.

Among the new areas of research that I have started to address lately, and I want to continue, I mention:

• Research in the steganography field, based on the use of images as a support for hiding information - done in collaboration with colleagues from other foreign universities, materialized in scientific publications in the field. I intend to continue the research in this field and to broaden it by identifying some elements for connecting the results of this research with the designing of new architectures, with increased information safety and confidentiality, for the new computing paradigms.

I have already published 3 scientific papers in this field;

• Research in the artificial intelligence field and image processing field. In this sense, I have already realized a scientific paper that is in publishing process. It is an emerging field with high impact on the IT dynamic development of the last period;

• Research on the realization of a smart campus at the University of Oradea. In this sense, we intend to involve the Integrated IT Management Center of our University.

We want to look for smart campus solutions that we should to implement and integrate into our IT structure. In this respect, we have already done researches for the identification of solutions for smart waste management in the university campus, as well as researches for energy efficiency improvement. Our results have materialized for the time being in the scientific papers that have been published or are to be published. I have already published 2 papers in this field;

• I also intend to develop a Laboratory for SMART Information Security Operations (SMART - OASI). Such a laboratory will deploy in fact an Information Security Operations Center (ISOC), a dedicated site where the organization's IT systems (websites, applications, databases, data centers and servers, Networks, desktops, and other objects) are monitored, evaluated, and defended.

Another objective in the scientific field is the diversification of the current collaborations and the initiation of collaboration with new centers and research institutions from the country and abroad. In this respect, following the collaboration and expertise activities carried out in recent years in various university centers in the country and abroad, I have started collaborations with colleagues from these centers, which can be put into practice more effectively, as a result of obtaining the ability to Conducts doctoral work.

The collaborations that I have maintained over time with universities / laboratories from France, UK, Spain, and Portugal, will be intensified as I will be able to extend these collaborations also in the field of PhD thesis. The closest collaborations I have are with:

the TIMA - INP Grenoble Lab, University of Valencia - Alcoi Campus, University of Debrecen. In recent years, the elaboration of the theses in cotutela was one of the topics debated with collaborators from abroad, and obtaining the right to conduct doctoral work will be the necessary means to achieve this goal.

Transversal Objectives

Considering the diversification of my didactic and scientific activity, as a result of my habilitation to lead doctoral studies, I also propose several transversal objectives, combining the achievements of the didactic with the scientific ones.

One of my main concerns in recent years is the inclusion of research results in didactic activity, along with the active involvement of students in the research activity.

This is what I have practiced so far; I involved students in research activities and encouraged them to publish their work at the student scientific sessions organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Oradea. After obtaining the habilitation to conduct doctoral work, the achievement of these last two objectives will be facilitated by the way in which the didactic activity with doctoral students is achieved within their advanced university training program. I will also encourage and assist PhD students to get involved in teaching to share their research results and doctoral experience with undergraduate and master students.

I will support the pyramid activity: each doctoral student will collaborate and integrate the activity of some master students that I will have at the dissertation, and each master will coordinate and integrate the activity of some students I will have on the bachelor's project. By integrating their research work, the teaching materials will be improved; the teaching material will also contain research results, that permit a good understanding and the transmission of information to students, contributing to the attractiveness of the disciplines and subjects presented.

Objectives for the academic / professional field

In the academic / professional field, I intend to develop more concrete collaborations with other companies in the field, as well as with other higher education and research institutions in the country and abroad.

The diversification of the collaboration with the companies in the field will be corroborated with the diversification of the current collaborations and the initiation of the collaboration with new research centers and institutions from the country and abroad.

On the other hand, even at the university level I have collaborated with the students of the Computer and Information Technology study programs in the Integrated IT Management Center of University of Oradea, who volunteered to implement the Office 365 platform for all the users from our university. Along with them, I enroll students on

the platform at the beginning of each academic year. I intend to maintain this collaboration, and even to develop it, because with the great diversity of technologies which are involved in building the infrastructure of the University of Oradea, it is very useful to students and can be used for the development of research in the field.

Another important academic / professional objective will be to continue working in the advisory, decision-making and expertise structures that I am involved in, and taking on new responsibilities when appropriate.

At national level, I will continue to work as an evaluation expert within the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), depending on how I will be required to evaluate some study programs in the field or in institutional evaluations.

I will also get involved in the assessment of national projects through the (https://www.brainmap.ro/) of the Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding Unit (UEFSCDI).

At international level, I intend to continue to be involved in the evaluation of research projects within the European Research Agency (ERA).

Some of the above-mentioned objectives and the means described for their achievement are possible at present too, but I believe that obtaining my habilitation to conduct PhD works will be a means to facilitate the faster realization of these objectives and to contribute to achieving a functional research structure. In addition, my habilitation will also give me the chance to share knowledge and to form students and research at doctoral level