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State of the art


Academic year: 2022

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Oana Ciocan Paul Nechifor Tiberiu Pasat

Master of Software Engineer, Year I

Faculty of Computer Science, "Al.I.Cuza" University, Iași

a MMO turn-based strategy game


Create a strategy game that will combine two different types of game. A MMORPG game and a turn based game.

MMORPG characteristics:

Users take the role of a character in the game's world. In this world players can find: shops, safe places, mobs and other players.

In order to enter in game users will have to register first, and then login.

Players can fight with other players and/or mobs.

TBS characteristics:

Arena mode fights:

When a fight starts players will be moved to an arena and each player has his turn.



● World of Warcraft

State of the art



● Lineage II

State of the art



● MuOnline

State of the art



... and of course list is long:

● Diablo

● Metin

● Star Wars: The Old Republic

● Guild Wars 2

● Dragon Quest X

● The Secret World

● Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

● more on Wikipedia

State of the art



● Heroes of Might and Magic

State of the art



● King’s Bounty

State of the art



... and again list is very long:

● X-COM: Enemy Unknown

● Warbarons

● Endless Space

● Total War series

● more on Wikipedia

State of the art



Technologies used: WebGL

WebGL is a GPU-accelerated graphics library available on modern browsers without plugins.

Quake III WebGL demo running at 60 FPS.


Technologies used: 3dsMax

Autodesk 3ds Max is a powerful, reliable, and accessible 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing package. It's also a favorite among character animators and game artists. 3ds Max offers:

● Ready-to-use, template-based character rigging systems

● A comprehensive polygon modeling, UV editing, and texture painting toolset

● Extensible development environment with support for C++ and .NET

● Advanced hardware shader and dynamics capabilities, including NVIDIA PhysX integration, viewport preview and rendering of HLSL, and normal map and light map generation

● A vast community of experienced artists and developers to support game development


Technologies used: 3dsMax

In our project we used 3dsMax to create animations for our characters.

Skeleton of a character


Technologies used: 3dsMax

All animations are made on skeleton.

Each vertex from model will be deformed by a bone that has that vertex in range.

Character model


Technologies used: 3dsMax

Skeleton attached to models


Technologies used: 3dsMax

Model deformed by skeleton on an attack position (skeleton is set to transparent)


Technologies used: L3DT & 3dsMax

The terrain of the world was generated using L3DT.

Trees generated with a 3ds Max script.


Technologies used: other

● Three.js:

○ a cross-browser JavaScript library/API for browser computer graphics using WebGL (and other


● WebSocket:

○ full-duplex communication with a browser

● L3DT - Large Terrain Generator

○ for creating the game map


Main components


(Business logic of the game)

○ WebSocket server

○ Threaded player proxy (through WebSocket conn.)

○ Fight mediator

○ AI module

○ Database storage module

○ Chat


○ Provides a 3D user interface for the game

○ Cross platform (runs in browser)


ECore diagram: server


BPMN diagram: Fight mediator


Aspects: Profiler

I use a ConcurrentHashMap to store for every thread a HashMap of all the methods it calls and the statistics associated with the


When the server exists the results are written to a HTML page.


Aspects: Profiler

I use a ConcurrentHashMap to store for every thread a HashMap of all the methods it calls and the statistics associated with the


When the server exists the results are written to a HTML page.


Aspects: the rest

● Message statistics

● SQL exception logger

● Chat message censor

● Message cache for common fight messages







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Adrian Iftene, Faculty of Computer Science, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași Elena Irimia, Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence “Mihai Drăgănescu”, Romanian